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The Best Online Fax Services for Office Needs

Sending facsimiles required a facsimile machine and of course, not all people have that machine. The problem is that not all areas get the same facilities as in an urban area because the facsimile requires a phone connection. However, today, you can send a fax by benefiting online fax services. It is easy to find an internet network anywhere you live. To help you understand the online fax service, these are some things to know.

Requirements on Sending Fax with Online Fax Services

Are you curious about trying to practice online fax services? You can send a fax with those services. Before you want to select the right online fax service, you should recognize some requirements in sending online faxing.

  • An Internet Connection

Because you want to use free online fax services, of course, you need to require an internet connection. It becomes the main requirement where you have a strong internet connection. Make sure that you check it well.

An Internet Connection 

An Internet Connection

  • Email Address

The next requirement is preparing an email address. It is a requirement to benefit an online fax service. It is better to have your email, not the company’s email or the others. It is not difficult to make a new email address now. The email address is required to send and receive the fax. You need to save fax documents in a PDF format.

  • Sent Documents

Then, you need to prepare documents that you will send through fax. The difference is that you compile it in a softcopy because you benefit from free online fax services. You can freely choose in file formats such as pdf, jpg, or png.

  • The List on Online Fax Services

The last requirement is having an account of some online fax services.

The Best List of Online Fax Services

Free online fax services are providing a flexible fax receiving process. There are some free online fax services that you can use to send the fax. These are the top lists of the fax services.


FaxBetter is a free online fax service enabling you to receive faxes through an email. This service is providing a free fax number or dedicated toll-free to all received faxes. The saved faxes can be accessed in an inbox. It consists of a free and paid account with different features. The free account gives a limit to receive up to 50 fax pages per month. To make the fax number active, you need to receive at least one fax per 7 days in a free account. The free account is only receiving the fax in PDF formal. The premium account is possibly sending faxes to some countries, sending and receiving 500 pages of fax per month.




The last list of the best online fax services is FaxNgo. It is a free online fax service providing the services to send and receive fax online. You can select to register a free or paid account with this service. It is giving you a dedicated free number for the fax. The fax number is flexibly changing but you will get the notification on the email. All in faxes can be PDF files and downloaded directly from the website and sent to your email to be PDF attachment. You can also send a free fax to different countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, and many more. It is an impressive service with the supporting platform.

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