The Way to Send Fax

The Way to Send Fax via Personal Gmail Account

Nowadays, you are able to fax file from Gmail easily. What you need is a specific online service such as a fax service facility. It seems complicated to fax a file via your personal Gmail account but it is not. Just follow the steps below to send the fax from Gmail anytime and anywhere you want.

Prepare the Data You Want to Send

Faxing is sending specific data so you must prepare the data you want to send first. If you still don’t have the data, you can create it first. Just click the compose button and create the data. It is okay if you have stored data in your computer or email.

The Way to Send Fax

The Way to Send Fax

Type the Receiver

When the data on your Gmail account is ready, focus on the receiver or “to” option in the email. Because you want to fax the data so it is not typing an email address. You have to type the fax number of the receiver. Don’t forget to include the area code and the domain of your provider. So, the format is [email protected]. If you don’t know yet about the fax service, just find out first and get the best one.

Attach the Data

The next step is attaching the file. You may attach a single file or multiple files. The file format is various such as PDF, TXT, Doc, JPG, and many more. To attach multiple files, you just have to click on the attach files button and it is the same with the way to attach files in email. If you are using a Gmail app, find the paper clip icon and tap on it. The exact location is on the upper right corner of the screen. If it is necessary, you can also include a cover letter just like when you send an email.

The Way to Send Fax

The Way to Send Fax

Send the Fax

Recheck the data you want to send as well as the fax number of the receiver. Just make sure that all of them are correct. When everything is correct, find the send button and tap on it. Wait for a few seconds and let the fax service sends the data to the receiver. The sending speed depends on the fax service provider so you have to make sure that you are using a trusted fax service.

That’s it! Now, you don’t have to get confused anymore if you want to send a fax to your friends or colleagues. Just send the fax instantly from your Gmail account.

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